BRIGHT-EYED: Jade Guest, 7, is not the “floppy noodle” she was once, thanks to medical cannabis.

For the first time in her life, 7-year-old Jade Guest is holding on to her mother, giggling, and smiling every day.

It’s all thanks to a controversial plant and a 7000-kilometre journey that’s torn the Guest family apart.

Kiwi-born Brendan Guest and American wife Jessika settled in Whangarei in 2013, but late last year Jessika returned to Colorado with their children Jade, then 6, and Ethan, 8, in a bid to get medicinal cannabis to treat Jade’s worsening epilepsy.

Brendan has remained behind in New Zealand for his job.

The pharmaceuticals Jade was being prescribed in New Zealand had turned her into a zombie, did little to stop her seizures and in some cases made them worse, her mother says.

“The breaking point for me was watching more and more families having success with cannabis oil, most of them refugees from other states living in Colorado,” Jessika says.

Since beginning medicinal cannabis treatment, Jade’s seizures have reduced in frequency from more than 30 a day to about five and their duration has decreased 90 per cent… Read entire article here