S.F. Cannabis Dispensary Has Bay Area’s First Marijuana TV Ad

There’s really no such thing as “business as usual” for a cannabis dispensary. Basic functions like banking and doing taxes are onerous challenges for sellers of legal weed thanks, to federal government restrictions.

It’s also this way with advertising. Major ad players Facebook and Google still ban cannabis ads, and dispensaries are still wary about paying for placement on television and in print after the U.S. Justice Department threatened to throw advertisers in jail a few years ago.

But this is changing. On local favorite KOFY-24 in San Francisco, you can see an ad for Excelsior District dispensary The Green Cross. This makes the ad one of the first of its kind in the country, and definitely a first for San Francisco.

While there are plenty of ads out there for ancillary businesses like doctors’ clinics, putting ads for cannabis-selling businesses out there is is still uncharted territory for the California and American marijuana industries.  Read remainder of article here.