In northern California and southern Oregon experienced cannabis growers are lucky to have the optimal outdoor conditions to grow massive plants. Grow up to 10 lbs. per plant in this area of the world as long as you have an excellent root system and plenty of water. A good soil mix and organic fertilizers such as bat guano also help a great deal.

Check out this video by Jorges Cervantes as he tours an outdoor grow cannabis garden in the western USA that has 35 plants and yielded over 10lbs per plant. Thats 350 lbs. of glorious cannabis. It’s a very impressive grow for a small number of plants.

Jorge has some awesome videos on Youtube showing how to grow cannabis. He offers helpful tips about soils, fertilizers and strains. The western USA has become a marijuana mecca recently with the wave of legalization sweeping across the nation. Cannabis lovers from all over the world are flocking to the area in search of freedom from other oppressive states that will jail you if you simply grow cannabis.

grow cannabis armageddon-skunk

Grow cannabis the right way and you will have cannabis flowers like this!

Growing cannabis is fun and rewarding. If you respect cannabis and nurture the plant through every stage of its development and wait for the flowers to ripen just perfectly your reward will make you smile big time!

Lots of care and work goes into every harvest. Though cannabis is a hearty plant that can grow out of a crack in the pavement if you want good quality buds follow the advice of Mr. Jorges Cervantes. He is a very experienced cannabis grower who has produced many videos on Youtube for you to watch and has published many books available all over the internet.