New Plymouth man Jamie Dombroski believes cannabis is a health issue, not a crime, and will be at J Day at the Bowl of Brooklands on Saturday.

A global protest against cannabis prohibition is puffing its way into New Plymouth on Saturday.

J Day is a peaceful protest held overseas and in nine New Zealand cities including New Plymouth and an organiser says this year’s aim is to prove cannabis is safer than synthetics.

Cannabis advocate Jamie Dombroski said cannabis use should be treated as a health issue, not a crime.

“The war on drugs is a false war,” he said.

“It is fine to have a puff once or twice a year or month but I don’t agree with doing it every day.

“Personally when I was younger I did but I have learnt that it is a waste of your life if you do.”

He said the amount of people who turn up to the Bowl for J Day will depend on the weather.

“I remember a while back when it was raining and a couple of us just huddled and smoked a joint in a circle,” he said.

“The police will certainly know about this but they are normally a little lenient as they know we wont be there to cause a riot.

“It will show the public that we aren’t all crazies and we can respect others during a peaceful protest.”

Dombroski said synthetic cannabis was no good.

“I think it is horrible stuff,” he said.

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