This is an interesting video about cannabis seeds that claims there is a method to accurately determine the sex of the cannabis plant simply by inspecting the seed shell with a trained eye.

Find information about identifying the sex of cannabis seeds technique in the video.

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It is amazing how such a little seed can produce a cannabis plant. Cannabis can grow to over 14 feet tall and provide medicine and recreational cannabis to many peopleĀ from a single plant!

Cannabis seeds come in a variety of colors and many have beautiful patterns on them.

Many cannabis enthusiasts have had experience germinating and planting cannabis seeds. You will experience a wide range of success depending on the distributor and your technique for germinating. It is best to simply place cannabis seeds directly into pure water.

It is very interesting that this technique may have merit. We will have to try a test ourselves and let you know.

Do you have any knowledge of how to determine the sex of a cannabis seed? Can you vouch for the authenticity of this video? If so please comment below.