DENVER — A new pot spray promising to help women have better sex will hit the shelves in Colorado next week.

Foria spray for ladies Better Orgasms

Foria Spray for ladies. Better Orgasms.

Foria, which contains marijuana extract, claims the relaxing properties of cannabis will help women have better and more satisfying sex. It’s been available for a few months in California, but only to people with a medical marijuana card and doctor’s recommendation. The edible coconut oil-based spray — users spritz it on their genitals about 30 minutes before sex — goes on sale to the general public in Colorado next week at an Aspen marijuana boutique.

Foria, from Aphrodite Group, a California medical marijuana cooperative, is the latest in a burgeoning line of marijuana-infused products, from lotions to candies to patches. And while there’s little scientific evidence to back up their efficacy, scientists say marijuana’s long history of use gives significant credibility to the concept.

Foria isn’t cheap. In California, medical marijuana patients “donate” money instead of buying products, and they donate about $44 for a 10ml bottle. Each spritz contains about 2mg of THC, the component of marijuana that normally gets people high. But marijuana plants contain dozens of other chemical compounds, and Foria’s makers say their proprietary blend generates heightened sensation but doesn’t get the user high… Read entire article on USA Today.

Check out the Foria website.