I saw the headline from a prominent publication (The New Yorker) and got excited. Then I read it. Same shit different day here folks.

Read the bullshit from the NEW YORKER here: Bullshit Alert

This idiot Michael Specter claims that we don’t even know whats in pot. He claims nobody in the industry can tell him what’s in a THC Gummi Bear or a local bowl of Kush.

This is so stupid. Michael needs to do some research before writing an article about cannabis for thousands to see. He is clueless.

For one thing. Manufacturers of edible cannabis in the USA and Canada know full well what is in each piece or dose. Most measure THC and CBDs. Same goes for cannabis buds sold all across the world in storefronts. Most retail and medical providers put a sample of each strain thru a machine that spits out a report containing evidence of possible traces of pesticides or contaminants, total THC and CBD concentrations and more. Yet this Michael idiot says that isn’t even possible. HAHAHAHAHA. Have another bong hit dumb ass!

Thanks for telling the world that smoking pot is bad. Michael goes further near the end of the article to make blanket statements about how pesticide opponents are absurd. Look at this bullshit:

I am not suggesting that we all dust off our copies of “Reefer Madness,” or that getting high is inherently wrong—as long as you know how high you are getting and what it is you are smoking. But we don’t. It is a strange country that is filled with people who object to life-saving vaccines, insist on labelling G.M.O.s, protest the use of pesticides that, when used correctly, have not been shown to cause harm, and yet seem ready to smoke whatever a dealer hands them to put in their pipes.


At the moment, we certainly can’t count it.

Referring to THC and CBD content. Uhm hello idiot, yes the industry can and does count it. See here for dosage stated on a THC cookie wrapper and a standard cannabis menu which clearly states how much THC and CBDs are in each particular strain:


click to expand and see clear dosage info including that each cookie is a 10mg dose of cannabis.

Who the hell are you, Mr. Michael Specter, to tell the New Yorker readers that the industry doesn’t know what the fuck we are doing?

Can you read? See the 10mg dose labeling on this rookie cookie? I think you need to eat one of these you rookie.


click to expand and see clear labeling for each strain for sale telling customers how strong each strain is including THC and CBD content.

See the THC and CBD content on these strains for sale?

I guess you are blind and have a bias against the emerging cannabis industry. What a shame it is that you have an audience. Your readers will read your bullshit and swallow it.

Hopefully they find this BULLSHIT ALERT first.

Read the article yourself if you wish here: BULLSHIT ALERT