blueberry cannabis

Closeup of Blueberry cannabis strain grown indoors under optimum conditions by expert growers in BC Canada.

Blueberry cannabis buds are some of the most delicious on earth! I love taking a big hoot of some blueberry.

Blueberry cannabis is amazing. It has won the Cannabis Cup as best strain.

Whenever I have the opportunity to smoke some blueberry I get big time excited! It tastes great and has a wonderful uplifting high.

If grown well and flushed of nutrients properly Blueberry cannabis is very pungent. The smell is remarkable.

I especially like this strain if grown outdoors. Cannabis grown indoors in a small controlled environment can be very well cared for and produce amazing results. However, I believe the moon and an organic outdoor environment provide the best tasting Blueberry cannabis buds.

Find this strain or 100 cross varieties at most collectives and dispensaries across the US and Canada. Blueberry has also become very popular in Europe.

Blueberry is a Cannabis indica-dominant hybrid strain. It was first bred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Its genetics originated in a 3-way cross between a landrace Highland Thai known as “Juicy Fruit,” the Oregon Purple Thai, and an Afghani male.┬áThere have been several reworkings of the genetics by the original breeder, as well as over 100 hybrids and crosses produced. Wikipedia